• Automatically Phone Screening & analyzing Job Applicants

    Business Case: Reduce cost-per-hire, speedy process

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    When: 2009 | Status: Discontinued | Delivery: Saygent

    The problem

    Employers needed a way to phone screen and evaluate job applicants rapidly without hiring more recruiters.

    The solution 

    In early 2009, employers experienced massive increase in the number of job applicants due to the financial crisis.This was true especially in hourly an entry level jobs, where a phone screen may be sufficient to make a hiring decision. I came up with an idea to fully automate the process of phone screening using a voice app and crowdsourcing. I assembled a team and developed an application that would allow an employer to define the questions they want to ask and then invite the candidates to call and do the interview with an automated system. Then the responses would be ranked for subjective quality such as “coherency” and
    “pleasant” using crowdsourcing. We reached a point where we could phone screen tens of thousands of applicants within 24 hours. In total, we screened more than 100,000 job applicants.