• Bringing content personalization to retail

    Business Case: Lift in-store sales.

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    When: 2016 - Present | Status: In Development | Delivery: Samsung SDS America

    The problem

    Samsung needed a way to provide personal experience to each visitor to its channel partner stores.

    The solution

    Samsung doesn't have its own stores, so as a brand it traditionally could not extend any personal touch in the retail channel. That is in sharp contrast to Apple's, where personal touch is the hallmark of the experience. One of the solutions I came up with is to personalize the content experience in-store. I proposed a solution that leverages the front facing camera on the display device coupled with a 3rd party SDK to do anonymized real time age, gender, ethnicity and sentiment detection, then ping Samsung SDS AI framework for decision making as to which content to present to that person based on that data. The result is taking Samsung away from the one-size-fits-all content strategy to a highly sophisticated personalized experience when engaging one of their devices in a store.