• Analyze & optimize Sales Conversations In The Physical World

    Business Case: Increase sales, improve training

    When: 2011 - 2014 | Status: Discontinued | Delivery: Saygent

    The problem

    Brands and retailers need a way to know how their store associates are conversing with customers, and how to improve these conversations.

    The solution

    In early 2011, most brands were already implementing sophisticated analytics in all their channels other than retail. To this day, retail remains the only channel where customer interaction with sales associates remains a black hole and therefore unmanageable. Brands have zero visibility into how many sales conversations their associates had per day, and what happened in those conversations. To solve it, I came up with an idea to run a service in the background of the associates’ mobile phones, capturing the audio of the sales conversations, analyzing it and recommend action based on continuous learning. The product was trialed by a few major brands. The primary reason for discontinuing it was the cost associated with accurately transcribing hundreds of thousands of hours of audio in highly noisy environments. The customers could not justify the cost needed to make a profit. Additional product screenshots below.

    Employee App Showing Them How Well They Speak To Customers With Gamification Elements

    Employee App Showing Immediate Training Feedback Based On Analytics