• Stock Trading By Mirroring Experts’ Portfolio Transactions

    Business Case: Lower fees for trading, increase loyalty to fund manager

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    When: 2006 | Status: Discontinued | Delivery: Saygent

    The problem

    Stock investors wanted a way to know what stocks their mutual fund managers hold in their personal portfolios and wanted a way to communicate with the fund manager directly.

    The solution

    The vision was to create a digital and social asset management platform. On the one hand enable individuals to invest in, and interact with, stand-out fund managers, and on the other empower emerging fund managers to gain independence and build brand around their names. Fund managers who joined downloaded a simple plugin to their laptops that allowed the service to track their transactions and a social layer was designed and developed on top of that to allow investors to communicate with the fund manager directly.

    At pick the platform tracked more than $20 million, and served more than 50,000 investors. The product was discontinued in Q4 2008 due to the financial crisis.