• smart watches for queue management.

    Business Case: Lift smart watch product trials

    When: 2015 | Status: Live | Delivery: Samsung, Revel Consulting

    The problem

    Samsung needs a way to manage the queue of customers waiting in line to service their phones in its flagship locations.

    The solution

    Due to lack of owned and operated stores, Samsung always had to think creatively on how to close the gap from Apple's Genius Bar. So as plans for Samsung’s flagship location at 837 Washington Street NYC were ramping up, executives were worried about the ability to meet these premium standards when it comes to servicing your phone. Thinking about premium experiences, I came up with a rather straight forward solution that would leverage Samsung’s smart phone instead of the 3rd party hardware a-la Cheesecake Factory that executives settled on initially. The idea was to give customers coming to service their phones a Gear Watch that would alert them whenever the technician is ready to see them. The result is a premium service experience that highlights Samsung as a leader in consumer electronics.